Design & function connected: Panel-type ceiling systems

Steel & aluminum: Light-weight and easy to install

High-quality steel and aluminum ceilings are impressive, individual eye-catchers and are easy to implement.
Discover systems that add new dimensions to spaces, in the truest sense of the word. Whether in offices, hotel lobbies, hospitals, clinics, stores, sports and swimming pool halls, auditoriums, theatres, airports or railway stations: KÖNIG panel modules are particularly convincing as processing comfort, economy, design and environmental impact are concerned.

The IBU (Institute/Registered Association for Construction and Environment) is the only German organization that certifies consistently according to the international valid standard.

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For our metal ceiling systems, we gladly make environmental product declarations available to you.

  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 14025
  • by independent third parties
  • Globally recognized type III ecological label

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Forms & colours à la carte: Versatile variants

Architects and contracting authorities/developers have the choice:

  • Thanks to the many forms, colours and materials, high-quality interior and exterior ceilings can be realised with individual design requirements.
  • Lamps of different designs as well as ventilation systems can be ideally integrated.
  • We use materials aluminum (blank), coloured aluminum, coloured steel and perforated tape with and without acoustic fleece.

Lightness & elegance in aluminum Two systems, many advantages

Both ceiling systems are light-weight and easy to install. The sub-construction is designed so that the panels in various widths can be fitted to the mounting rails.

Type 10 - with or without filler profile:

  • Open joint 16 mm, closed with filler profiles
  • Panel widths 84 to 184 mm
  • Panel height > 12.5 mm

Type 40 - with close joint:

  • Close joint 16 mm
  • Panel widths 84 to 184 mm
  • Panel height > 14 mm
Product range (pdf)

First league: Ceiling systems for special demands

Resistant against pressure and suction load, these ceiling systems withstand highest load requirements, for example in sports halls or underground stations.

Type 35 - Aluminum or steel

  • Open joint 16 mm
  • Panel widths: module 100 to 84 mm
  • Panel height > 25 mm
  • Smooth or perforated surface is available,
    with and without glued-in acoustic fleece
  • Flying ball impact safety like type 35, according to DIN 18032 part 3 and DIN EN 13964
  • Corrosion protection: Zinc coating 275 g / varnishing 25 µ on both sides
  • Class 1A passed

The sub-constructions: Easy to handle!

Type 10 - Open joint

Type 40 - Close joint

Type 35

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