KÖNIG GmbH & Co KG The development

Hamburg, gate to the world: Our company history started 1965 in Hamburg

Today, the headquarter of KÖNIG GmbH & Co KG is located in the centre of Germany, but the company started on the river Elbe.
It was there, in 1965, when the history of the company began with the start of a small assembly operation within the construction industry. “We were a small company with a used car, a used desk, a typewriter and 2,000 D-Mark in the bank,” describes Gerd-Hinrich Döscher, the Managing Director of KÖNIG, the beginnings of his company.

Initially, the company engaged in various assembly operations, but the outsourcing of employees for technical building services formed quickly as one of the both pillars of the KÖNIG GmbH & Co KG. Read more >>

This service formed the basis of the production company KÖNIG, because besides the assembly, the production of ventilation ducts was also in demand.

And again later, the company reorganized and produced profile systems instead of ventilation ducts. Today, KÖNIG manufactures high-quality metal profiles and stampings at its headquarter in Moringen to serve the modern interior construction as well as the industry.

Relocation in 1975 from Hamburg to Moringen

In mid 1970s, due to a general economical crisis, the company had to re-think its strategy, and the executives of the KÖNIG GmbH & Co KG decided KG to move the company to Moringen. (Hamburg site is maintained as an affiliate.)

"We were a small company," explained owner and Managing Director Gerd-Hinrich Döscher, “that was looking for a small town. And then, a proficient Moringer City Director succeeded to convince us of his city as our new headquarter location."

Ten years after founding the company, the first lots were purchased in the Nienhagener Straße, which is the present company headquarter, and a production facility was erected. In 1975, production, sales, assembly and the approx. 200 employees of the company had arrived in South Lower Saxony. It was a convincing location due to its central position in Germany. “It was a factor that had even a stronger effect after the border was opened," explains Gerd-Hinrich Döscher.

Constant production development: The milestones

  • 1965 Founded in Hamburg as small assembly operation
    in the construction industry

  • 1969 Start of the production of ventilation ducts

  • 1973 Start of the production of panel ceiling systems

  • 1975 Company headquarter relocates to Moringen

  • 1984 Start of the production of C and U profiles

  • 1994 Manufacturing of accessories for ceiling construction

  • 2002 Start of the production of customized special profiles