Christmas donations 2020


KÖNIG supports SOS Kinderdorf e.V.

Children and young people remain at the heart of our commitment.

With our supra-regional donation of 10,000 euros, we are supporting the valuable work of the SOS- Kinderdorf e.V. The association offers a home for children in need and helps to improve the social situation. They receive protection and security and thus the tools for a self-determined life.

Please, read more about it on our project info page (German only):ördern/projekte-2020/

(photo: © SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.)


Another 10,000 euros for schools in northeim district

Three schools in the district of our headquarters can also look forward to financial support at Christmas. The local donation volume amounts - in addition to the SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. - 10,000 euros. Corona will not be given a personal handover with a photo appointment until further notice. In due to this time, we will report on the projects that will be funded here on the ground.