Moringen: Schools are looking forward to a donation of 10,000 euros


KÖNIG donates for the offspring

A strong commitment to the location - and to promoting the education of children and young people. Two Moringer schools now each received 5,000 euros for this important task.

Thanks to the donation of 5,000 euros, LEGO education sets for a complete school class now play an important role in teaching children at Moringer Löwenzahn primary school. "The sets encourage enjoyment of learning, motivate, engage curiously with technology and find creative solutions!" Explains Meiko Fiedler, Managing Director KÖNIG Products, enthusiastically.

Through experimentation, touch and self-construction, the learning boxes convey valuable skills with lots of fun - and thus all the more sustainable. During a visit, KÖNIG handed over the symbolic check to headmistress Barbara Ahlf-Dörnte and the chairman of the association, Sonja Trubjansky. Together with some students, they gladly accepted the donation. "The sets will definitely enrich our lessons! And who knows, maybe a future engineering talent for the company KÖNIG will develop here ... "added the dedicated Headmistress with a smile.

The cooperative comprehensive school Moringen is pleased about a donation in the same amount - and about the chance to optimize thanks to this sum, the computer technology.

A good 30 PCs for controlling the smartboards, equipped with state-of-the-art operating systems, are soon to modernize the "digital classroom". As part of the check presentation, Oliver Rokohl, spokesman for the KÖNIG management, was convinced of the dedication of the teaching staff, which introduced computer-aided learning across disciplines as early as 2013. "Discussions about the digital pact at schools show how important it is to integrate the safe and responsible use of IT technology into everyday school life. We are happy to support this concept at the KGS, which conveys valuable competences to the next generation in our region - and certainly also an investment in the skilled workers of tomorrow! "

Melanie Wedrins, permanent representative of the school principal, together with Martin Langner, the chairman of the association, gratefully opposed the symbolic check and emphasized: "We are very happy about this commitment and the recognition of our work!"