KÖNIG long span systems: proven in practice


Self-supporting ceiling in the new building of the Stadthalle Meschede: 1.20 meters of drop height realized with KÖNIG efficiently and corrosion-protected.

At numerous construction sites, KÖNIG wide-span girder systems impress with their safety, economy and ease of assembly. We will introduce you to interesting solutions in a loose manner. Today: The inside and outside continuously cantilevered visible ceiling in the new building of the Stadthalle Meschede.

850 m², which seem to float - and 1.20 meters of slope height as a challenge behind it ...

The peculiarities

"Attachment to the trapezoidal sheet, pressure resistant" - this formulation (something like this) probably knows every processor from numerous tenders. But this was already enough challenge, because point loads that act on such suspended ceilings, gem. DIN 18807-3 be introduced via load distributor in at least three webs. And that means: Considerable expenditure of time and material as well as complex statics.

In addition, this very light-looking, modern ceiling placed two very special demands on the substructure:

  • The lower edge was firmly defined, and the first level with the possibility of attachment was the flanges of the steel girders. In between are up to 1.20 meters, which literally had to be overcome ...
  • In addition, the glass façade and Attica offered no anchor points, so that special demands on the stability existed (keyword "lateral torsional buckling")

Our performance

Were used:

  1. The KÖNIG long-span girder system L:
    The wide-span ceiling made of double 2 mm UA profiles, corrosion protection class C3 long / high "Weather"
  2. In addition, as a technical service, we provided a static proof of the planned construction for submission to the construction management.
  3. As a special solution, we also developed and produced a special vernier amplifier in order to realize the high demands in an economically sensible way.

Around the corner thought ...

This new nonius amplifier from KÖNIG made it possible to achieve approximately three times as much pressure in comparison to conventional components - and thus secure stability with optimum material usage even at these heights. And best of all: this solution does not require the elaborate use of threaded rods and is equivalent in the result.

This enabled the necessary drop heights of up to 1.20 meters to be mastered efficiently, which resulted from the architects' firmly defined lower edge of the viewing ceiling. (As described in the beginning, the flanges of the steel girders, whose cross sections become smaller towards the outside area, were the first level with possibility of attachment ...).

This component is probably unique on the market so far - just ask us!

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