KÖNIG metal profiles as an art object


Nice not to just disappear in the wall!

We are a bit proud that KÖNIG metal profiles are the secret stars of the Haim Steinbach exhibition at Museum Kurhaus Kleve. Haim Steinbach is an object artist who likes to turn the use of everyday objects and industrial materials upside down and open new perspectives. In this case, KÖNIG wall profiles were used to create elaborate constructions that are part of the concept.

(Haim Steinbach, every single day, 2018 Museum Kurhaus Kleve photography: Simon Vogel“)

Quote from the Rheinische Post: (...)

"Steinbach found the font and put it externally on panels, which are fixed to the columns of a drywall stand, but the columns are not simply lined up and set up Sitting on different supports at exactly the same height that the individual supports have the same color and that the letters of the font are also all at the same height. "That was not so easy," says Susanne Figner of the Museum Kurhaus, the exhibition Although museum technician Wilhelm Dückerhoff had soon stopped the wall - but the color shading of the skillful columns did not suit the artist. "So we had to get a complete batch from König-Trockenbau, which manufactures the constructions, which is being re-produced," says Figner: The company liked to be involved with the arts. "Now everything is perfect," says Figner. (...) read article (German only) >>